If your elderly loved one is not depressed, but his or her doctor has prescribed antidepressants, there may be other reasons for this decision. Though many seniors experiencing depression take antidepressants, these medications can also help treat other conditions. Perth in-home care experts have put together of list of some of these additional benefits.

Less Anxiety

Many seniors experience a heightened sense of anxiety and worry, which can be reduced through the use of antidepressants like fluoxetine. A decrease in anxious feelings can boost your loved one’s quality of life and help him or her feel more in control of the situation. This can be especially helpful if your loved one spends much of his or her time alone.

Pain Relief

Since antidepressants are not analgesics, this is an unexpected and welcome benefit many seniors experience when taking antidepressants. Arthritis or other conditions may seem less debilitating because an elevated mood can help a senior tolerate and overcome discomfort with greater ease. This can lead to a more active and enjoyable life for your loved one.

Increased Memory and Focus

The cognitive benefits of antidepressants can be especially important for the elderly because they may be experiencing more significant cognitive decline and forgetfulness than younger adults. Antidepressants can help your loved one feel sharper and more mentally vigorous, which can lead to advancements in his or her self-care, family life, and community participation.

Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia

Many seniors have long-standing issues with diabetes, including painful peripheral neuropathy. Antidepressants are often prescribed in conjunction with other medications to treat this condition. The same goes for fibromyalgia, another common chronic and painful condition affecting the elderly.

Reduced Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

Studies have found seniors who are being treated with antidepressants are healthier overall. In fact, this treatment can significantly reduce the likelihood of sudden cardiac death, especially in older women. Why antidepressants have this effect is still under investigation, but one theory is these medications help the body maintain a strong and healthy immune system.

If your loved one has been prescribed antidepressants or other medications, it’s important for him or her to take them as instructed. To help him or her remain healthy, the caregivers at Home Care Assistance can provide timely medication reminders, assist with cognitive and social stimulation, and help with many important daily tasks. We also offer comprehensive Alzheimer’s, stroke, and Parkinson’s care in Perth. For more information on our aged care services, call one of our experienced Care Managers at [hca_phone] to schedule a complimentary consultation.