Some of the best writers in the world did not complete their first novels until after they turned 65. Seniors who choose to write later in life can enjoy many benefits for their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and Perth, WA, caregivers are here to discuss a few of those advantages.

1. Preserve Memories

Writing down things from the past helps reinforce the memory. The act of writing also helps build connections between the neurons in your loved one’s brain that affect reasoning and memory. As your loved one records personal experiences, he or she will also leave a lasting legacy for family and friends.

2. Enjoy a Sense of Accomplishment

Finishing a chapter in a novel or filling up a journal page provides a sense of completion. Writing also gives your loved one a hobby to add to his or her repertoire of skills and knowledge. Writing more often can help your loved one gain confidence and enjoy a renewed sense of purpose in life.

3. Keep Joints Limber

People always focus on how good writing is for the brain, but your loved one should also know typing and writing manually both use the tiny ligaments and joints in his or her hands. Although it is normal to feel some stiffness when first beginning to write, your loved one will quickly discover his or her joints become looser after warming up.

4. Increase Language Skills

Your loved one is never too old to learn new things, and writing may motivate him or her to get out the dictionary and look up some new words. Trying to think of a synonym for a frequently used word also strengthens recall skills. As your loved one’s writing abilities get better, he or she may also notice a difference in oral language skills because being able to speak eloquently requires the ability to think of the right word to use for any situation.

5. Maintain Social Ties

The purpose of writing does not always have to be to create the next great novel or short story. Your loved one can also write to family and friends to keep them posted on changes in his or her life. Reaching out to others through the written word is a wonderful way for your loved one to increase his or her socialization and life satisfaction.

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