The art of distraction can be very useful technique for dementia caregivers in Perth, WA. This technique is used to refocus the attention of a senior from a negative behavior to a positive one. Be sure to try to understand what the senior is saying before trying to distract him or her as there could be something important he or she is trying to communicate. Following are a few of the most effective distraction techniques for dementia caregivers.

Start an Activity

Sometimes dementia and Perth Alzheimer’s caregivers can distract seniors simply by starting an activity the senior regularly enjoys. Even if your loved one does not join you in the activity, watching you may be enough to turn the senior’s attention to a different activity.

Learn a New Activity

Another technique that works is to try to engage the senior in doing something new with you. It may be teaching your loved one to play a new game or help him or her create a new craft. Occupying your senior loved one with something new to learn will effectively distract him or her from getting into something he or she shouldn’t.

Play Music

Music can be a very useful distraction. If you need the senior to do something, often singing a made-up song helps get your message across. Singing a favorite song can also help lighten your loved one’s mood when he or she is agitated. Some caregivers find that keeping a playlist on their phone just for these occasions is very useful.

Ask the Senior for Help

We all want to feel needed, so asking the senior for help on a project can be a very effective distraction technique. The caregiver can ask for help cleaning a particular room, folding laundry or helping prepare a movie that the two of you can watch together.

Respond with Humor

Often times, humor can be used to distract a senior. Make sure that the humor is something that the senior will understand and won’t take offense to. Many caregivers find it useful to write a list ahead of time because it can be difficult in tense situations to come up with a funny line. Often, recalling a funny family memory can be a great distraction.

The art of distraction often takes practice, but with help from Home Care Assistance, you needn’t worry. Our Perth in-home care professionals are highly trained for every situation regarding Alzheimer’s and dementia care. In addition to keeping seniors safe and offering companionship, we engage your loved one in mentally stimulating activities to boost cognitive well-being. Go online or call (08) 9385 5675 today to learn more about our comprehensive memory care and how we can customize it to meet your loved one’s needs.