Gardening can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, many studies have shown taking on this hobby after reaching retirement age may be especially beneficial for a person’s emotional and physical health. Perth senior care experts have put together a list focusing on some of the ways gardening can help boost your senior loved one’s wellbeing.

1. Exercise

Some seniors may become sedentary due to physical aches and pains. Constipation, muscle atrophy, and depression are directly related to lack of exercise and physical movement. However, these health issues can be alleviated and sometimes even eliminated by the simple act of tending a garden, which offers rewarding low-impact exercise.

2. Sense of Purpose

Tension, stress, and sadness can build up quickly if seniors feel they have no meaningful purpose in life. Nurturing plants by watering and feeding the soil, removing weeds, snipping off diseased leaves, and eventually picking the flowers or vegetables can be rewarding and mentally and physically uplifting. Everyone wants to feel needed and wants to have something to focus on other than their health. By planting a garden, your loved one has something to look forward to every day. He or she can watch the growth of the plants and rejoice in the end result of his or her labours when the flowers and vegetables flourish from loving care.

3. Vitamin D

Many seniors do not get enough vitamin D, but spending some time outside can help combat this and help your loved one maintain healthy immune and cardiovascular systems. Outdoor gardening gives seniors access to the health benefits of vitamin D while warming their skin and adding a touch of colour to pale or sallow complexions.

4. Healthy Eating

Growing vegetables at home will likely encourage your loved one to include more nutritious foods in his or her diet. Homegrown vegetables provide seniors with a variety of vitamins and minerals that can help keep them healthy, and they often taste much fresher than grocery store produce.

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