Seniors accumulate many possessions throughout their lifetimes. Some of these items may hold valuable memories, while others are superfluous to their lives. In extreme cases, clutter can build up and make it difficult to live safely and comfortably in the home. If your ageing loved one has built up an unsafe amount of clutter, it may be time to help him or her part with it. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of aged care in Perth, discusses some of the most common types of clutter and how to rid them from your loved one’s life.


Closets full of old clothing and jackets attract moths, mold, mildew, dust, musty smells, and dry rot, which can affect a senior’s ability to breathe. Family caregivers in Perth can offer to help their loved ones go through their closets with the intention of washing, cleaning, and renewing clothing and weeding out unneeded and damaged apparel.

Old Food in the Pantry, Freezer, and Refrigerator

Older adults with an overstocked pantry of expired food can become sick from eating items that should have been discarded. Opened snack bags in cupboards can lead to pest infestations, leftover refrigerated food can become moldy and cause harmful digestive ailments when eaten, and meat and other food stored in the freezer too long can end up with freezer burn. Help your loved one go through these food storage areas to rearrange edible food and discard old or questionable items.

Books, Magazines, and Newspapers

Piling up too much reading material in the home causes obstacles, which could be dangerous if your loved one trips or falls while trying to walk around it. You can help your loved one recycle or discard old newspapers and magazines, and books can be donated to the local library or retirement center.

Junk in the Garage

Senior men often keep tools, fluids, and miscellaneous parts long after they no longer use them. Old containers may leak fluid, resulting in a potential fire hazard or slippery surface. Offer to go through items in the garage with your loved one to discard rusty tools, leaking fluid containers, or various pieces and parts.

Hobby Collections

Seniors who enjoy hobbies like painting, crocheting, and knitting often keep everything they make, which can lead to dust buildup, mites, bed bugs, obstacles, and objects falling from shelves. You can suggest these items be sold, donated, or discarded depending on their condition.

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