Muhammad Ali was able to battle Parkinson’s because he had great determination and a positive attitude, but he also had a strong support system. His wife Lonnie and the other family members by his side helped him fight against the disease for more than 3 decades. The staff at Home Care Assistance believes the support Ali received can be a great inspiration to families providing Perth, WA, elderly care for their ageing loved ones.

Build a Support Team

Parkinson’s can have a significant impact on the life of a caregiver. In the beginning of her caregiving journey, Lonnie Ali felt like she was alone, which caused her to become stressed. However, when she was able to speak with other caregivers who shared her experiences, she found a bit of relief. Surrounding yourself with others going through similar experiences can help you prevent caregiver burnout.

Do the Research

Muhammad Ali and his family wished they had done more research when he was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Lonnie admitted they could have used the information to make life easier for Muhammad as his condition progressed. Keep your loved one’s long-term wellbeing in mind and choose a specialist for him or her who is up to date on the latest Parkinson’s treatment.

Get Out of the House

Ali was able to accompany his wife and family members to various places on many occasions. When Lonnie ran errands on the weekend, Ali went with her. The simple trips to the grocery store and running into his fans boosted his spirits. Even if your loved one’s Parkinson’s symptoms make socialization challenging, interacting with others can enhance his or her quality of life.

Ask for Help

Taking care of a senior with Parkinson’s 24 hours a day is a challenging job that requires more than one person to complete. Ali not only received help from his wife and children, but his sister-in-law Marilyn was also by his side as his condition slowly progressed. Marilyn’s assistance allowed Lonnie to take the breaks she needed, and Lonnie used this time to relax and handle personal and professional business. Hiring Perth respite care gives you the chance to take time for yourself and keep your overall health in good shape.

If you need help caring for an elderly loved one with Parkinson’s, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our respite and 24-hour caregivers are expertly trained in Parkinson’s care and can assist your loved one with a wide array of important everyday tasks. In addition to the Parkinson’s care Perth seniors rely on, we also offer comprehensive Alzheimer’s, dementia, and stroke care. For more information on our aged care services, call one of our experienced Care Managers at [hca_phone] to request a free consultation.