In the golden years, seniors often have the advantage of extra free time to spend doing whatever they please, which gives them the chance to take up a new hobby they’ve always been curious about or become more intimately familiar with their local community. Recreational activities offer many benefits for the elderly, and the staff at Perth Home Care Assistance suggests a few options your senior loved one might enjoy.

1. Take a Hobby Workshop

There is no limit to the number of hobbies seniors can try out, and it is important for them to never stop expanding their horizons. Countless organizations host workshops specifically for seniors at cultural centres, city halls, and libraries. Some of the unconventional hobbies your loved one might be interested in include writing plays, weaving, whittling, and cooking exotic meals.

2. Record Memoirs

Taking the time to digitally record memoirs preserves stories that would otherwise be lost to history. Portable recording devices are extremely easy to use and can store thousands of hours of information on a single memory card. Once the information is saved, your loved one can then connect with family and friends by sharing the most exciting chapters at family gatherings or through emails.

3. Explore Local Parks

Just because your loved one is not able to hike 10 miles doesn’t mean he or she can’t still enjoy the great outdoors. Walking on paths through local parks and gardens is a great way to raise the heart rate while getting some vitamin D. Seniors who are worried about the heat should bring at least a liter of water with them and try to walk in the early hours of the morning or after the sun has gone down, and they should also bring some snacks to keep their blood sugar at a consistent level.

4. Learn an Instrument

Becoming proficient at an instrument doesn’t necessarily require years of hard work and dedication. Even with limited dexterity and impaired vision, there are dozens of different instruments your loved one might enjoy learning. Ukuleles, xylophones, kazoos, autoharps, bongos, and tambourines are all excellent options for seniors who have never played an instrument. In addition to scheduling lessons with local music teachers, you can also sign your loved one up for online lessons.

Engaging in enjoyable activities can help your loved one live a happier and healthier life. Another way he or she can remain healthy is through the help of Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of the highest quality live-in and respite home care Perth has to offer, and our caregivers are trained to help seniors manage a wide variety of illnesses while ageing in place. For more information on our aged care services, call [hca_phone] to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.