Many basic household activities pose health and safety risks to seniors. Family caregivers should consider buying senior-friendly devices to keep their loved ones safe from harm. Perth senior care providers suggest a few technological innovations to help seniors live more independently and with fewer risks.

1. Technology for Cleaning Floors

Robotic vacuum cleaners can clean your senior loved one’s floors, eliminating the risk of falls and injuries from vacuuming. Similarly, robotic floor washers can keep uncovered floors in kitchens and bathroom clean.

2. Technology for Yardwork

Robotic lawnmowers can self-navigate around the yard’s borders and mow it to a set level. Also, micro-mesh leaf guards prevent gutter clogs so seniors don’t have to manually clean their gutters.

3. Technology for the Kitchen

An internet-connected smart refrigerator identifies when any of its contents need restocking and places the order for home delivery. This helps keep seniors well-fed and prevents unnecessary trips to the grocery store. Other kitchen conveniences include talking microwaves, stoves that are easy to open, glass cooktops, and dishwashers that allow seniors to add a whole bottle of detergent at once.

4. Technology for Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is as important for seniors as physical fitness. The internet helps seniors remain mentally stimulated and socially engaged, and many social forums and communities have video-conferencing features that allow for long-distance interaction. Not only does this foster mental fitness in seniors, it also promotes emotional wellbeing and helps them maintain social connections.

5. Technology for the Laundry

Laundry machine manufacturers are making pedestals that can raise or lower the machines, making it easier for seniors to do their laundry without bending. Laundry machines with larger knobs and readouts are easier for seniors to operate.

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