Though there’s certainly nothing wrong with using traditional strategies for relieving stress like exercising or talking to a friend, sometimes thinking outside the box can help a senior live a more stress-free life. If your loved one cannot seem to find relief for stress, Perth senior home care experts have a few unique suggestions to help him or her manage these emotions.

1. Put Stressful Thoughts on a “Bus”

To remain calm and keep the mind from becoming restless, it is important for your loved one to disengage from his or her thoughts. One way to do this is to use the bus station technique. Your loved one can imagine each thought as a bus headed to a particular destination. If your loved one does not want his or her emotions to go to that place, he or she can simply let the bus drive away.

2. Savour Meals

Taking time when eating not only promotes healthy digestion, but it also encourages your loved one to be mindful and aware of his or her actions. The first step is to limit distractions, including phones and television, during mealtime. Create an environment where your loved one can focus solely on the meal. He or she can even pretend to be a restaurant critic and describe each dish.

3. Speak Slowly

Instead of feeling he or she has to rush from topic to topic during a conversation, your loved one should attempt to be in the moment and enjoy the easy flow of banter. Your loved one body may feel more relaxed, he or she may breathe more deeply, and his or her conversation may be more rewarding.

4. Practice Saying “No”

Saying “yes” to every request or invitation can leave your loved one feeling overwhelmed. If a “no” feels a little awkward in the heat of the moment, your loved one should let the person know he or she will get back with an answer later. Saying “no” does get easier with practice, and others will start to respect the fact your loved one needs time alone.

5. Have a Good Cry

Crying is like a pressure valve that releases stress and pent-up emotions. When your loved one is stressed, his or her manganese levels can increase. Crying creates a physical response that lowers manganese levels and helps elevate mood.

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