Our primary concern for our parents as they age is that they are safe, maintain their desired independence and continue enjoying live. As they age they may face frailty, memory loss or even chronic disease making everyday tasks such as preparing a meal or driving to the shops a challenge.
Warning signs that your parents may need care at home.

Increasing forgetfulness. You might notice that Dad is always searching for his car keys or Mum has trouble remembering appointments.
Messy Home. You might notice that the rubbish is not being taken out, dishes are left undone or laundry is piling up.
Poor Hygiene. You might notice that Mum is no longer taking care of herself or Dad hasn’t brushed his teeth in a few days.
Falls or Injuries. You might notice bruising and other discolouration even though Dad won’t admit to falling.
Changes in Personality. You might notice that Mum has become withdrawn or moody and no longer enjoys the hobbies and activities she used to participate in.
Social Isolation. You might notice that Dad no longer makes any trips out of the house. Maybe he no longer keeps up with his friends or goes for walks around the neighbourhood.

How can home care help you?

A Caregiver can be a tremendous source of support for seniors as they age. Home Care Assistance caregivers can help with activities of daily living, including bathing, grooming, dressing, household tasks, meal preparation, medicine prompting and transportation. They also provide companionship, encourage mental and physical stimulation and promote independence and overall wellness. Caregivers are available for a few hours each day or around-the-clock, depending on each client’s needs. Our care plans at Home Care Assistance are tailored specifically to each Client’s needs and our Caregivers are trained to support older adults transition home after a period in hospital, recovering from a stroke or a major medical procedure, or managing chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.