For many Perth caregivers, there may come a point where they simply cannot meet their senior loved one’s needs. Some families have had to make the choice between turning to an assisted living facility or enlisting at-home care for their loved ones, and found home care has some significant advantages.


The primary benefit of at-home care in Perth for many seniors is staying in the comfort of their homes. Your loved one may have lived in the home for quite some time, and adjustments may have been made to the space to meet many of his or her needs. Even small things such as favorite brands of food always stocked in the kitchen or familiar furnishings can make a difference in your loved one’s day-to-day happiness.


Moving can be a chaotic, stressful time even for the healthiest of people and can be insurmountable for a senior who has spent many years in his or her home. However, the challenge of adjusting to new surroundings and routines can be avoided if your loved one receives at-home care. Staying safe and comfortable at home can ensure he or she remains stable, both mentally and physically.


While assisted living facilities have many other residents to socialise with, there are often restricted visiting hours for family and friends. Staying at home can allow your loved one to maintain a closer relationship with family, which can ease his or her mind. Frequent interaction can also keep you alert to changes in his or her health.


Depending on the level of care needed, some families find at-home care provides plenty of assistance at a lower cost than assisted living facilities. For instance, there may be considerable savings in hiring a part-time caregiver on an as-needed basis instead of having a monthly payment for a facility, especially if your loved one does not require around-the-clock care.

There are many more benefits when arranging at-home care for your loved one instead of moving him or her to an assisted living facility. For live-in and hourly home care Perth families can rely on, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers can assist your loved one with a wide variety of daily tasks such as personal grooming, light housekeeping, exercise, and cooking. Our priority is keeping your loved one safe and comfortable while he or she ages in place. For more information on how our aged care services can help promote your loved one’s quality of life, please call [hca_phone] to speak with one of our friendly Care Managers.