Live-in Care in Perth

The decision to stay at home

Making the decision to move into residential care, such as a Nursing Home is generally not anybody’s first choice when considering how to spend their final years. Despite this, often it is viewed as the only option for a lot of families who are unable to keep up with the needs of their loved ones. Live-in Care is an alternative, allowing your senior loved one to age with dignity and in the comfort of thier own home.

When your loved one makes the decision to stay at home, a personalised care plan ensures they are support to conintue living the live they desire in familiar surroundings. Each step of the way your loved one’s needs will be taken into consideration along with their wishes. This ensures that they are a part of the decision process and that their independence is supported so that they can age with dignity and respect.

Live-in Care doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank either. Most people find that the cost of live-in care for their loved ones, in the comfort of their own home, is comparable to the cost of a nursing home, and it comes with a multitude of benefits such as the one-on-one care that isn’t possible in a residential facility.

Post- Hospitalisation or Injury: Live-in care

Home Care Assistance, West Coast Perth’s experienced and professional caregivers can help to get your loved one back to health after an injury or hospitalisation. Our highly-trained caregivers are experienced in ensuring that your doctor’s discharge advice is followed and can work with Allied Health professionals such as Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists to continue rehabilitation in the comfort of their own home.  Careful monitoring and support can mean the difference between another fall and getting back to health quickly.


Live-in Care for speciality conditions like Dementia, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s

Live-in care by an experienced and highly skilled care team can negate the need to place your loved one into a residential care facility, such as a nursing home. By remaining in their familiar environment, and in the community that they have a connection to, your loved one can avoid the steep decline in cognitive function that often accompanies the sudden and often traumatic move into residential care.

Live-in care at home also allows your loved one to have dedicated one-on-one care, something that is not possible in a busy residential facility. With the help of your trusted and reliable Care Team,  you can step back from the stress of having to do it all and have some time to look after  yourself  and avoid getting burned out. Having this support system makes it easier on you and your loved one in the event that you need to be away for any period of time (such as an unexpected hospital visit, or a planned holiday).

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Round the clock support within Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

Extra support can be provided by our dedicated caregivers for your loved one if they are already in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility. Companionship, specialist care, cognitive exercises such as The Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, and support when you can’t be there yourself.


Dedicated & Professional Support

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We carefully select between 1 and 3 dedicated and professional Caregivers, along with an experienced Care Manager, who have the skills and experience to care for your loved one’s needs, and who will also fit with their personality, to create a harmonious and trusted care team.

Our Caregivers are experienced, screened and reliable.  We match caregivers to clients; being with the same, trusted caregiver who knows your loved one like a member of their own family. A favourite meal, what newspaper they read, when to feed the cat, – these are the little things that can make the biggest difference.


The Home Care Assistance, West Coast Perth difference

Along with offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our aged care services, we enhance the care experience with two revolutionary care methods. The first, the Balanced Care Method™, is incorporated into each live-in care plan, emphasising the importance of healthy eating, regular exercise, social ties, and attaining a sense of purpose. The second, the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, is available exclusively to Home Care Assistance clients and is designed to promote mental acuity and brain health for seniors of all cognition levels. Access to these wellness programs allows your senior loved one to maintain a high quality of life that promotes independence, dignity, and overall health.


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