As your senior loved one ages, he or she may need aged care in Perth. In-home care providers perform a wide range of care and aid for seniors, which may be as simple as checking in once a day to ensure any needs your loved one has were met or be as extensive as around-the-clock care. No matter what services your loved one’s in-home care provider will give, there are some important questions to ask an agency before before choosing the right caregiver for your loved one.

Can You Provide Some Basic Information?

This question is especially important for caregivers who are self-employed. Asking for their name, contact information, and previous experience may be sufficient, but you may also want to ask for a background check or references. These checks can ensure your loved one’s caregiver is a good match. However, choosing an agency can make this process much easier, as agencies specialising in aged care tend to conduct detailed screening on those they hire.

What Training or Experience Do You Have?

Agency caregivers often undergo specific training such as CPR or basic first aid, and many self-employed caregivers are now seeking out these courses as well. If a potential caregiver has never had formal training, ask how he or she would handle certain incidents when caring for your loved one. How the caregiver answers can be a great indicator of general knowledge and capabilities even if he or she has never had formal training. A better option would be choosing an agency with highly trained caregivers.

Can You Help Manage My Loved One’s Condition?

If your loved one has a medical condition such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s, make sure the potential caregiver is fully aware of every aspect of treatment your loved one needs. Looking for a Perth caregiver who has some experience helping people with your loved one’s condition is a good idea.

Will My Loved One’s Needs Be Met?

Find out what tasks a caregiver is able to do. If your loved one needs help with cooking, for instance, find out if the caregiver has experience or if the agency trains all caregivers in that task. Any expectations beyond basic care, supervision, and kindness should be addressed individually and specifically. Likewise, it is important to ask about what hours caregivers are available and how you will know if a problem arises or the caregiver must change plans.

How Will We Communicate, and Can You Provide Feedback?

Ensure a method of communication and contact with your loved one’s potential caregiver so you can stay up to date on anything he or she may notice such as cold symptoms or injuries. Regular communication and feedback from your loved one’s caregiver can ensure the relationship remains healthy over time. No matter what communication method you choose, make sure you and the caregiver both utilise it frequently.

The right aged care provider will prioritise your loved one’s safety and comfort above all else. For aged care your family can rely on, turn to Home Care Assistance. We offer hourly and live-in care in Perth, and our all of our caregivers are trained in the Balanced Care Method, which can help promote your loved one’s physical health, mental awareness, and inner calm. For more information on our aged care services, call an experienced Care Manager today at [hca_phone] with any questions you might have.