Interviewing in-home aged care agencies to determine which is the best one to provide Perth elderly care for a loved one can be a challenging process. However, there are some excellent questions you can ask and positive answers to look for that may indicate a good match for your loved one.

Why Do Your Caregivers Say They Like Their Job?

Have a candid conversation with an aged care agency about what its employees have to say about their job. Encourage the agency to provide detailed answers or see if they will let you ask a few employees this same question. Knowing what employees find fulfilling about caring for seniors can help ensure the person caring for your loved one isn’t just focused on the daily grind. Look for answers that reference happiness in helping others, pleasure from fulfilling and long-lasting relationships, enjoyment working for their current agency, and if they are treated well as employees.

Can We Meet Potential Caregiver Candidates?

Being able to meet potential in-home caregivers in Perth, especially if you have a say about which one will be working with your loved one, can be a huge help in choosing whether an agency is right for your loved one or not. The chance to examine potential candidates yourself can also put you at ease, something many aged care agencies and their employees will understand. Look for an agency that offers openness and transparency to ensure your loved one will receive excellent care. If you aren’t allowed to meet potential candidates, find out why. If the agency is too busy or simply doesn’t think this process is necessary, they may not be the right choice for your family.

What Training and Experiences Do Your Caregivers Have?

It’s important to know what certification and experience is required for an agency’s caregivers and that this certification lines up with your comfort level. For instance, if you want an organisation that only hires caregivers who have worked in the aged care industry before, you’ll need to find out if that’s required. However, what you may consider necessary training may not line up with the qualifications of every agency or every employee. Generally, you want to hear an agency does complete background and health checks on all of its employees and requires some level of experience and routine training.

If Complications Arise, How Will They Be Handled?

While you hope there will never be an issue with your loved one’s caregiver or aged care agency, you may want to know ahead of time what procedures are implemented if an issue does arise. Find out if there is a specific person on hand with whom you can discuss issues in a timely manner, and that these issues will be promptly dealt with through the agency instead of having to speak to an employee yourself. You may also want to find out what resources are available in your area in case you run across problems with the organisation itself.

Hiring the right aged care agency can mean a happier and healthier life for your loved one. Turn to Home Care Assistance for in-home care your family can trust. Our caregivers are all expertly trained, and we offer a complimentary matching service to ensure the caregiver assigned to your loved one will be able to meet his or her individual needs. We also offer specialised Parkinson’s, post-stroke, and dementia care in Perth for seniors who need more extensive care. For more information on our aged care services, call a friendly Care Manager today at [hca_phone] to schedule a free consultation.