Stroke Care

Premium Stroke Home Care in Perth

With studies showing that more than one-fourth of all stroke survivors will experience a second stroke, Home Care Assistance, West Coast Perth emphasises the importance of high-quality care and emotional support for seniors post-stroke. Our highly trained stroke caregivers are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and can provide care and monitoring for senior stroke survivors at:

  • Home – Allow your senior loved one to maintain as much of his or her daily routine as possible with tailored post-stroke care delivered in the comfort of home. Care services include assistance with daily activities ranging from nutritious meal preparation to transportation for medical appointments and errands.
  • Hospital – If you live out-of-state or are unable to visit, care for, and assist with a senior loved one’s hospital discharge following a stroke, trust our experienced stroke caregivers to be your eyes and ears and ensure your parent or family member’s safe transfer from hospital to home.
  • Rehabilitation Facility – Our trained stroke caregivers can provide care at your loved one’s rehabilitation facility to promote a fast, safe, and highly individualised recovery period that focuses on managing personal symptoms.
  • Nursing Home – Seniors with advanced post-stroke care needs may benefit from nursing home care, yet may families enlist additional care from our trained stroke caregivers to ensure continuity of care, more meaningful engagement, and companionship for their senior loved one.

The Home Care Assistance Advantage

Strokes come on suddenly and often leave families unsure of how to move forward. At Home Care Assistance, West Coast Perth, WA it is our commitment to help families through this difficult process, offering care, answering questions, and providing support and a listening ear. Our dedicated Care Managers are on-call 24/7, and we provide on-going care management that includes regular in-home assessments and daily CareNotes that document the activities, progress, and overall health of your senior loved one.

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